Ian Fleming



I am a designer first and foremost. My strengths lie in drawing together disparate pieces of information to solve problems and create beautiful designs. I am passionate about data driven decisions and helping the end user.
My resume is here and you can contact me by email.



An open source project with the goal of providing an easy to use, functional, and beautiful core of typographic styles for any Sass project. Still very much in beta! If you'd like to help hit me up on Twitter.

Redesign of CollegePlus Website

A large 6 month long project. With 150,000 lines of code, 130+ pages, and hundreds of thousands of visitors I am very proud of improvements in metrics across the board. Bounce rates down, user engagement up, speed and reliabilty dramatically improved, and the experience for our admin users 1000x better! Here's a case study explaining part of my process.


While working at CollegePlus I spent a lot of my time contributing to their central style system called Chameleon. Those styles are used across a suite of web applications that power the company. Here I have an example gallery of the UI of one of those applications.


A Chrome Extension that anytime a new tab is opened jumps in and offers a clean space to jot down your thoughts. With the option to enable Vim power user key bindings.

T-Mobile and CollegePlus

There was a lot on the line with this project. When a small startup collaborates with a mammoth corporation like T-Mobile it can really improve its brand image. However if presented badly the partnership could actually harm the perception of the brand.

Jordan's Story

A marketing campaign aimed at prospective college students. I spent a week following Jordan around to her various activities filming and photographing them. When I returned I built a landing page designed to inspire using her story.

CollegePlus Blog

With tens of thousands of visitors a month and several thousand subscribers changing the CollegePlus blog had to be done very carefully. I took inspiration from Medium's clean reading experience and used tool such as a lighting fast custom markdown editor to make it work.

Scholarship Competition App

A Rails web app built to facilitate a scholarship contest for high schools students headed to college. Contestants can submit essays and vote on their favorites. It experienced over 3 million page views, helped several students to win scholarships, and collected tens of thousands of prospects for our marketing team.

"Family" marketing campaign

When you have 150,000 people in your marketing pipeline it can be hard to educate them on product changes. The strategy for this campaign was to address the visitors as part of our family. Then in simple and clear copywriting present the new direction of the product.


Creative Ideas. Those two words encapsulate much of the value the Ian brings to the table. Ian has an intuitive way of working with people and ideas that creates energy around not only the ideas that originate with him - which are many - but the ideas shared by others as well.

James Beeman

coworker at CollegePlus

Ian is a problem solver. He is a fast learner and an articulate thinker. Ian abounds with ideas, always looking for the best solution.

Julian Hartnett

fellow designer at CollegePlus

Ian is fantastic to work with. His strength lies in his ability to take an idea from concept to reality. I always bring him into the conversation as early as possible when it comes to web design because he take me back to the user experience, and how the user will interact with page. We launched a new website recently and halfway through the redesign we changed our messaging and product offering. Ian and his teammates didn't miss a beat, and were able to deliver exactly what I asked for, on time and under budget.

Andrew Fear

Marketing Director

Having worked with Ian for more than a year and on multiple projects, I can definitely say that Ian has a fantastic eye for beauty in design and user experience. Coming from a background in photography he always brings incredible insights to website design and UX that are invaluable in creating a meaningful experience for our company and our clients. If you desire to have someone on your team who will give all he has, will question and challenge ideas to get to the root issue, and will create the best possible design and user experience for your product, then Ian is your man.

Nathan Hamilton

coworker and web developer

photo credit Shepherd Creative | this site is on Github